ACP Cloud Computing Certification Exam
Examination introduction

Certification examination structure and composition:
I. Total mark and examination duration
The examination paper contains 65 questions, evaluated out of 100 marks and must be completed within 90 minutes.
II. Examination registration
Please register online: (
III. Examination type
Close-book examination.
IV. Examination content and ratio
Product name    Proportion in examination
ECS     20%
RDS    15%
Object Storage Service (OSS)    15%
Auto Scaling    10%
Server Load Balancer    10%
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)    10%
Alibaba Cloud Security Service    10%
Content Distribution Network (CDN)    5%
General knowledge about Cloud Computing    5%

V. Question types
Question type    Number of questions    Scores
Single selection    30 questions    1 score per question
Multiple selections    15 questions    3 score per question
True-or-false questions    25 questions    1 score per question
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